Allowing your authentic personality to shine through

Friday 28th Oct 2022

Allowing your authentic personality to shine through

Meet Junior, an Associate Management Consultant based in PwC’s London office. Junior first joined the firm in 2019 as a Higher Level Apprentice, after completing his Maths, Economics and Psychology A-levels.

“As a member of PwC’s Consulting practice, I advise businesses on how to enhance their performance, finding innovative solutions to their problems and improving the way they operate. I really enjoy my role and I’ve learned so much since joining. If I had to describe my career journey in three words, I’d say: enlightening, interesting and fast-paced.”

Alongside his role, Junior has also been studying towards a professional qualification – an apprenticeship in Management Consulting. Adapting to work life and studying was something Junior found challenging at first – but also immensely rewarding.

“The firm and my team have always tried to ensure that I have enough time to study as well as manage my workload. This has been through study days or days dedicated to completing activities related to my course. During the process, I discovered that it was key to communicate with my team about my schedule and my workload, so they could help me to manage my time.

As well as studying towards my apprenticeship, I’ve also been able to engage in a variety of internal training sessions, which were aimed at developing my consulting skills and capabilities. Not only this, the firm has also funded specific technical training courses, allowing me to deepen my knowledge of applications such as Salesforce, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services and, as a result, deliver more value to clients.”

At PwC, you’ll always be motivated to be the best you can be – whether that’s through on-the-job coaching, training sessions, or anything else you need to develop personally and professionally. You’re also encouraged to explore opportunities outside of your role, to engage in issues you’re interested in or inspired by.

“Inclusion and Diversity is something I’m really passionate about. To me, it means creating a culture where all individuals feel like they can be themselves and allow their authentic personalities to shine through. I believe everyone is at their best when they feel they can express themselves freely without fear of being judged.

PwC is a place where I feel like I can be myself. In fact, I recently had the opportunity to speak to the entire Consulting business regarding the importance of having conversations around inclusion and diversity. In particular, I emphasised how conversations are extremely powerful tools in creating lasting changes in our mindsets and perception of the world.”

And, in the same way that Junior is working to change and challenge perceptions, he similarly found his own beliefs challenged when he joined the firm.

“Most people think of PwC as purely an accountancy firm. However, when I joined, I was surprised to discover the true breadth of expertise within the firm. From technology such as artificial intelligence to robotic automation, there’s so much innovation being created, and so much to explore.”

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