Apprenticeships within the Property Services Sector!

Thursday 10th Mar 2022

Apprenticeships within the Property Services Sector!

If you’re interested in the real estate industry, an Apprenticeship in Property Services could be perfect for you. If you are bubbly, ambitious and want to work through the ranks, arranging appointments, help market property and even be a part of building them, then you have come to the right place!

The property services industry has seen a boom in interest as a potential career (maybe due to Selling Sunset…who knows) Whether you have considered becoming an Estate Agent, a Property Manager or even a Building Surveyor there are now more roles than ever available to those who are interested in this area of business (some even with a starting salary of £28,000!)

This is a very profitable industry and many jobs within the sector are often highly paid depending on experience and job role. If you are a people person you can have the joy of dealing with people on a day-to-day basis building and maintaining relationships helping you better your communication skills. You could help bring change by working with the council to ensure there are enough low-cost homes for those that need them, selling property and making millions (and earning commission from this) or even if you are someone who enjoys being hands on help build the next skyscraper in the evolving city. The options within the property services industry are almost limitless.

If you know that you want a career in the property services industry, then an apprenticeship could be the perfect opportunity for you. Not only will you gain experience in a professional role and learn hands on from experience colleagues whilst being a paid a nice salary, but you’ll also have a chance to study towards a qualification, all paid for by your employer! Apprenticeship levels vary depending on what you wish to go into, but every apprenticeship will ensure you have the theoretical understanding and practical skills necessary to succeed in your future career.


Hear from Property Apprentices themselves and what they get up to!

Property ApprenticeDan Dent – Apprentice Rural Surveyor – York 

My day to day role is maintaining, preserving and enhancing rural estates. This involves building up relationships with a wide range of stakeholders: residential tenants, farmers, the local fishing club etc and as well as the client / trustees. The reason my role as a land agent is such a good fit is – no day is the same! I split my time between the office and ‘boots on the ground’ meaning that you have a great balance like no other profession. I am a very social person so this role is a perfect fit for me.


Property ApprenticeHumphrey Francis-Jones – Building and Project Consultancy Apprentice – London 

What made you want to do an apprenticeship and what do you do at Savills?

 “I am currently in the third year of my degree apprenticeship at Savills, simultaneously working within Building and Project Consultancy and studying at the University College of Estate Management (UCEM). Having decided against enrolling on a full time undergraduate course and eager to keep my career options open, I applied for several degree apprenticeships within the real estate sector. During my gap year I came to the realisation that entering straight into working life was the way forward for me. During my time at Savills, I have been exposed to a range of construction projects and now have greater responsibility managing refurbishment projects including undertaking site inspections, attending contractor progress meetings and reporting to clients.”

What made you choose property and any advice when applying for an apprenticeship?

“I am the first generation in my family with a career in real estate and my enthusiasm was sparked from seeing the success of close contacts already within the sector and learning about what they did. Keen to pursue a career within the sector, I researched and spent time talking to various people about the different pathways and opportunities available. A further appeal is the social aspect of the industry and the numerous social opportunities within a professional capacity to meet new people. My main advice when applying for a degree apprenticeship, whether it be within the property sector or not, would be to spend time making sure your chosen pathway is the right one for you. A degree apprenticeship is a big commitment, at an early stage, and although there are opportunities to diversify your area of work, committing to such a pathway shouldn’t be looked upon lightly.”

So, what are you waiting for! Savills Apprenticeship Roles are now OPEN but they are due to close on March 14th 2022, so make sure to get your application in or register your interest by signing up to the free Pathway CTM Programme to stay up to date with upcoming events and opportunities within the property services sector!