Thu 25 May 2023 | 18:00-19:00

Expand your Horizons into the World of Planning

Are you interested in Planning? Whether your answer is yes or no it doesn’t matter!

As we have an exciting opportunity for you to learn more and expand your horizons into the world of planning. So you may not think you are interested in planning but actually you are passionate about sustainability, people, history, travel, the economy, or technology well what if we told you a career in planning incorporates all of that and so much more!

In this one hour insight event we are joined by RTPI (Royal Town Planning Institute) who will be going into detail about the exciting opportunities that are available in Town Planning and how to take your first steps in building your career.

You may have also heard that we have some exciting opportunities for students to do in-person work experience across the country in town planning so before you apply come along to find out more about the industry or if you have already applied get ahead and ask all your questions about planning so you go into your work experience fully prepared.

Here is what a previous student said about getting the opportunity to learn more about town planning and doing the work experience:

“I found it valuable as it gave me insight into the industry and also taught me about office life. Some of the advice I gained will be valuable for uni decisions and my work life onwards.

I also enjoyed speaking to industry professionals and learning more about planning and what is involved in planning. In addition, I enjoyed working on the project and showing everyone what I had learnt throughout the 4 days.”

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This event will be recorded by Pathway CTM any issues or questions please contact us via [email protected]

Please Arrive 5 Minutes Early if Possible

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