Wed 6th Jul | 09:10-9:50

Get Animated

In this workshop with Oxford Brookes University, you will explore the exciting world of Stop Motion Animation. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at this technique which has been used to create some of your favorite films. With a focus around the Plasticine character of morph, you will create your own stop motion animation morph clip!

Equipment needed:

To join in with the make-along students will need: Plasticine (any colour, enough to make one mini human figure)

Access to technology to make use of a free editing app (either smartphones or ipads; only one device needed in a group of 6)

The make-along is not mandatory to session. The alternative would be to make a short advert using any equipment in the classroom. If the school does not permit mobile phones in class the host will show how the app is used on their device and students can use it in their own time. The use of technology is encouraged to enhance the session experience.


This event will be recorded by Pathway CTM any issues or questions please contact us via [email protected]

Please note, attendees will be muted with their camera off throughout the webinar.

Please Arrive 5 Minutes Early if Possible

Event Type

  • Influencer


  • Online