How To Get Involved With Pathway CTM Online Programme

Wednesday 22nd Apr 2020

How To Get Involved With Pathway CTM Online Programme

Pathway CTM – Providing online employability workshops to continue the support of young people into successful employment outcomes. How you can help?!


Daily online workshops, webinars and broadcasts put on for our 28,000 students
-Weekly Parent Newsletter, Insight Webinars and Teacher Resources
-Year 11, 12 & 13 Pipeline Programmes to employment outcomes
-Tailored Programmes focused on Diversity and Market Sectors
-Specific employer-focused Insight Webinars

Pathway CTM is ramping up its online support to help schools and students throughout this period of remote learning due to school closures. With the cancellation, or least delay, in A-levels and GCSE’s, students will have the opportunity to focus on additional content and support to help them in the world of work and in finding routes into employment through the Pathway CTM Programme.

If exams are totally scrapped and predicted grades used for final results, then there will be more time for students to upskill with information on application processes and future careers. This is where Pathway CTM will be a key partner in supporting our network of schools and colleges around the country, with extra resource and structure.

Daily Digital Workshops

Pathway CTM has delivered 30+ online webinars this academic year already and will continue to build on this delivery while continuing to support and coach students 1-1 on a daily basis. Our workshops will also include where possible, alumni, our employer and partner network, to bring expert opinions and information to our beneficiaries.

Some of the topics included:

  • What are my strengths?
  • How do I improve my CV?
  • Work Experience, how to get it!
  • LinkedIn Set Up & Personal Branding.
  • Weighing up an apprenticeship vs University.
  • Using societies & internships at university to achieve a graduate role.
  • Top tips on assessment centres & interviews.
  • Find an apprenticeship in 2020.
  • Guest & Parent Insight Webinars.

These topics are initially on offer to year 11, 12 and 13 students, as Pathway CTM can follow up with such students due to their programme status. However, some schools are requesting versions for Key Stage 3 and 4, where we will adapt the content for schools who wish to use this in their online classroom learning as part of their adapted curriculum.

Our daily workshop webinars will be on offer through our schools & colleges and also sent directly to our student database, these will be recorded and used as part of our teacher resources. Importantly for students, these workshops will be promoting company-specific webinars we have set up next week, with the likes of BT and more to come.

Employer, Diversity and Industry Specific Webinars

Students will have access to sector-specific webinars, as replicating the work we have done with the likes of The London Institute of Banking & Finance and promoting employers and opportunities within it. This will be happening across many sectors such as Finance, Healthcare, Professional Services, Construction and IT.

For the year 12 Pipeline Programme, the outcome for the students is to better prepare them for their final year and to virtually meet companies that have a vested interest in engaging diverse young talent. Equally, for our employer partners, Pathway CTM will be building a pipeline of students who have shown a passion for the sector and brand. For year 11 and year 13 students finishing education this year, the outcome will be more focused on application support over the Spring / Summer.

In terms of diversity; we will continue to support underrepresented groups, breakdown barriers and give employers access to our diverse network. Here is a link to our females into stem programme from 2019, . Pathway CTM will be feeding students into this supportive, (now online), programme of support to help females enter the STEM workforce.

We will be supplying Parents, Teachers, Schools and Colleges on our Programme weekly Newsletter updates, showcasing what we are doing through our work with Students. We will also be offering Parent and Teacher webinars, to provide support, hints and tips, and give them a platform to ask their most pressing questions.

Working with Partners and Employer Volunteers

I am personally really excited about the ‘Community Partnerships’ we have at Pathway CTM, where we are engaged in a mutually beneficial partnership to support the employment outcomes for young people. It is with these where we will be able to add in more levels of support and deepen the service offered to our young people over this challenging time. Announcements to come very soon!

So, we want to give employers, partners and volunteers the opportunity to add content to our online campaigns, knowing that the team at Pathway CTM will be following up with students, helping to guide and support them to be ready for the workplace when the time comes. So please get in touch with us, if it is a blog, a video, willing to be involved in a workshop webinar, we want to hear from you!

Final Note

Our concerted effort now is to give stability to the students during this difficult time from a social mobility perspective with ramped up coaching, expanded webinars and digital events, to give them structure and another avenue to reach out to – Pathway CTM are here to support now more than ever.

Do reach out and get involved! [email protected] / 07515 012092