How to get started with your apprenticeship search!

Tuesday 7th Dec 2021

How to get started with your apprenticeship search!

Apprenticeships are hugely varied, so it is important to do thorough research and make sure you find the right apprenticeship for you. Apprenticeships are a great opportunity, but you need to remember you’ll be starting a challenging job, whilst studying for a qualification! 

What should I be looking for in my apprenticeship? 

When starting your job search, it is always good to spend some time thinking about what it is you want to do, and what exactly you want to get out of this experience. Spend some time brainstorming some answers to the below questions… 

  • Name of the job role and description – is it what you are looking for? 
  • The employer and their values – are they the type of company you want to work for? 
  • Find out about the training – will it be college or university, in person or virtual? 
  • What qualifications, subjects, and grades do they require? 
  • What do you want out of your apprenticeship – do you want a permanent position in that company or short-term experience?  

You can find all the information you need on the employer’s website so make sure to check it out. Remember, you can also get in touch with Pathway CTM if you’re considering an apprenticeship and have any questions! 

What level apprenticeship is right for me? 

Your qualifications will determine which of the routes you are eligible for. If you are about to leave school at 16, look at intermediate apprenticeships. If you have A Levels or equivalent, you can consider a higher or degree level apprenticeship. 

You can read more about the types of apprenticeships here 

Apprenticeships are a great way to gain qualifications without the hefty debt university can leave you in. If you are still undecided between university or an apprenticeship, investigate whether the career you want requires a degree, or whether you can learn it all through an apprenticeship scheme instead. Izzy Miller, Former Level 4 Associate Project Manager Apprentice at Unilever said “doing an apprenticeship has been the best decision I ever made! A Level 4 Qualification, 2 years industry experience and no debt, it was a no brainer for me!”. 

How to find the right apprentice employer: 

Once you have found the industry you wish to work in, it is important to do research around the employer. 

A few tips you should do to ensure you are prepared are: 

  • Speak to former apprentices – see if you can network with former apprentices in the company and ask them any questions you may have 
  • Look at the company’s website – read about their values, latest company news and try to get a sense of who they are and what they stand for 
  • Find out about the progression opportunities – what happens after your apprenticeship is finished? 
  • Location – Moving out can be daunting for some people, so make sure to find out if the job requires you to work in different locations 

Where to look for apprenticeships: 

One of the main places to begin your apprenticeship search is the UK Government Website where you will be able to look at the apprenticeships available based on your interest, location, and apprenticeship level. You are also able to filter apprenticeships which accommodate those with disabilities. 

Most apprenticeship schemes have a high application rate, so you should always consider the ways in which you can make your application stand out. Below are a few ideas on how you can better your chances of gaining a place on the scheme: 

Secure work experience 

Attending work experience with the company can help you stand out. This is likely to be unpaid however is a great way to learn more about what the company does and a great opportunity to network with people in the company. 

At Pathway CTM, we hold virtual, and in-person work experience days so make sure to check out our upcoming events, so you don’t miss out! 

Contact employers directly 

Whether it is speaking with former apprentices or connecting with those who work for the company on LinkedIn, networking is a great way to show you have initiative and are passionate about working for them. 

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