Sit down with our CEO, Chris McNamara!

Thursday 7th Oct 2021

Sit down with our CEO, Chris McNamara!

As we enter a new academic year what better way to kick off the year than with an exclusive interview with our CEO and Founder, Chris McNamara. We have grabbed time out of his busy schedule to give you an insight into why he decided to launch Pathway CTM and what you can expect from us over the next few months *you do not want to miss out!*  

Pathway CTM was founded over 6 years ago, and since then we have been able to provide our award-winning FREE programme to 60,000+ students, and over 300 schools and colleges throughout the UK, helping young people make informed decisions about their next steps post GCSE and A-Level.  

Let’s find out what Chris had to say! 

So, what inspired you to launch Pathway CTM?  

It all started when I was working at Sky and was asked to come and speak at my old school. Upon leaving, I realised the impact I could make to young people. Lots of my friends were going to uni for the wrong reasons/to follow the crowd or felt the pressure from school and society and I realised this was an issue. I then went on to become a PE teacher and found that I was great at engaging young people. But I was exposed to a gap in the education system and how not doing well at school holds you back so much, yet it’s just a system we all have to get through, to then go on and enjoy what you’re good at. However, if school doesn’t go well, for whatever reason, you end up not getting to the fun bits as easily, or at all due to the way you got held back or knocked down for not fitting the mould. 

Chris McNamara teaching as part of the Pathway CTM programme

How did teaching in your earlier career, inspire you to make a change within the industry? 

I was good at it and really enjoyed it. I’ve coached all my life and teaching was a natural progression for me. However, I always felt like I was meant for something slightly different to being in the classroom everyday, so I went and explored other avenues, but came back to education in my own way – which maybe I’m most proud of. I just love connecting to a young person in a way that makes a difference, if you can do this thousands of times, you make a pretty big impact, which is exactly what we are doing now at Pathway CTM! 

What is one thing you wish you could tell your younger self? 

Go and get as much experience as you can, as it is all in the bank for your future. I didn’t do an internship at uni and could have seeked out more work experience during my time there so I could learn from different people and industries more. I guess I could have done with Pathway CTM! The reason I say this is I think more time in a corporate setting would have saved me some silly mistakes in my early years of starting a business, but you can’t pick the perfect journey right!  

 Finally, what our 3 top tips you would give to someone who’s leaving school? 

  • Be open minded. 
  • Be confident within yourself, and if you are not, ensure you find ways of building that up, so it doesn’t hold your life back (just enough confidence so you don’t lose out on things is all I’m asking for!)
  • Commit to it, whatever it is. 

Chris McNamara giving a talk  

If you haven’t already signed up to our programme and would like to receive 1-1 support with job applications, CV writing and exclusive access to events, job opportunities and work experience days then sign up to the Pathway CTM programme here.

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