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Cyber Security – Managed Services Apprenticeship

  • Company: BT
  • Location: Belfast
  • Closing Date: 01-05-2022


You probably didn’t think that BT had much to do with cyber security, but we do. Our work has impact all over the world and for all types of business customers big and small. Our partners rely on us to keep them safe, which is where you come in.

You’ll join our expert team of experienced Cyber Security professionals, so you can learn directly from the best. You’ll help to deliver a first-class customer experience to lots of different customers, who’ve all got very different and complex security needs. As part of your apprenticeship, you’ll rotate around different areas, meaning you’ll get to find out which areas you like the most (and those you don’t!). You’ll be working across a variety different platforms and technologies, including Data Centre Servers, Networking and Cloud based tools, meaning you’ll develop a wide range of skills when it comes to our products.

But it’s not all just about working with our customers to help them with their security needs. You’ll need to have a business mind-set to when it comes to process. We always want to make things better for our customers, so you’ll be involved in our continuous improvement strategy, using feedback and data to improve our services.

We’re not expecting you to know everything when you join, so we’ll start you off with some key concepts like security, identity and confidentiality and how they relate to each other.  You’ll also learn about integrity, availability, threat, vulnerability, risk and hazard and so much more.  On top of that, you’ll find out about things like how to apply the relevant laws and ethics. And that’s before you get to things like security assurance, and how to apply cyber security concepts to IT infrastructure.

It’s a job that involves a lot of teamwork; everyone relies on and helps each other to do the best job possible for our business customers. You’ll have a lot going on at once and can be managing lots of complex workloads and competing priorities. But we’ll work with you to make sure you can manage it. And we’ll also contribute to your ongoing development as well, by helping you study for your ITIL V4 certification, in addition to your apprenticeship.

This job is available in the Enterprise part of our business.

About the apprenticeship you’ll study for

As a Cyber Security – Managed Services Apprentice, you’ll study for a Level 4 apprenticeship called Cyber Security and Networking Infrastructure.

The course runs for two and a half years and you’ll spend 20% of your weekly working hours learning and studying.

Apply now or contact student support if you need assistance with your application, we’re here to help!