Digitisation Executive Apprenticeship

  • Company: Pearson
  • Location: Manchester
  • Closing Date: 03-08-2022


About the Apprenticeship:

You will be supported on the Creative Digital Design Professional Degree Apprenticeship Level 6standard which will help build your skills and knowledge. At least 20% of your working hours will be spent completing off-the-job training towards your apprenticeship.

The Assessment division comprises:

Delivery team – accountable for the strategic delivery of our high stakes UK and international qualifications

Content and Digitisation team – accountable for the accurate delivery of our secure high stakes UK and international assessment instruments as well as non-secure content, both paper based and onscreen.

Quality and improvement team – accountable for quality assurance, post results services, improvement initiatives (including assessment monitoring), regulatory research (including consultations)

Strategy and customer team – accountable for delivery of assessment-related transformational, strategic and customer initiatives

Online assessment transformation team – accountable for delivering online transformation initiatives and support of online marking system.

The Digitisation Executive will be required to work directly with the wider Content Team, Assessment Design, Development and Assessment teams to deliver key accountabilities and assessment content-related strategic initiatives.


The purpose of the Digitisation Executive role is to:

  • Digitise content for high stakes UK and international qualifications for which they are responsible for time and quality.
  • Help build the technical knowledge and expertise on the digitisation of content within the Content Team and wider business
  • Be accountable for the integrity with which digitisation content processes are followed.
  • Deliver on innovation for test making, taking, and processing; for example, delivering high-stakes onscreen assessments.
  • Share knowledge with the associate population around digitisation.
  • When required, support the wider Content Team with the production of assessment-related content for a range of subjects in our General Qualifications portfolio.

Key Accountabilities

  • Deliver high-stakes and mock UK and international digitalised content, including mocks and onscreen international.
  • Deliver high-stakes digitised assessment content, both secure and non-secure, on time, with high quality, and with security.
  • Adhere to all regulatory and internal procedures, at all times
  • Meet all deadlines within the business calendar and digitisation schedule, establishing a reputation for always delivering on time
  • Mapping items between paper-based content and digital items
  • Build digital items using the authoring tool for inclusion in the item bank
  • Develop knowledge of the authoring platform and seek to share knowledge for content digitisation within the Content Team and the wider business
  • Work with technical teams to inform the development of the authoring tool, workflow process and item banking solution
  • Work with Assessment Design and User Experience teams on the development of new digital item types, proposing solutions as appropriate.
  • Maintain relationships with SMEs/Senior Associate teams,
  • able to adapt and evolve the digitisation process.

Supporting Content Production

  • Responsible for the secure and accurate management of the content production for a series of question papers.
  • Manage relationships with external assessment associates to produce high-quality assessments to strict deadlines
  • Manage the workload for an allocation of qualifications.
  • Working to meet deadlines on predetermined activities throughout the year
  • Ensuring timely escalations to management on adherence to the paper production processes, schedules or other issues
  • Manage their own training and seek advice and support from their manager.
  • Working collaboratively within own content team as well as across the wider Assessment team.


  • Be accountable for reporting accurate and timely data and information to the Assessment management team and wider business, escalating issues (with proposed solutions) as appropriate.

Person Specification


Core competencies:

  • Provide a customer-focused service
  • Communicating with influence
  • Working with others to achieve goals
  • Delivering goals in a changing environment
  • Taking creative and innovative approach to work
  • Maximising potential in self and others.

Education, qualification, and training:

  • Degree or equivalent qualification

Personal style and behaviour

  • Highly motivated individual with personal drive and energy
  • Able to prioritise and manage workload
  • Actively seeks information and is able to handle it appropriately
  • Prepared to be flexible in their approach to problem solving
  • Decent.

Pearson Profile

Self / Others / Business:

  • Always Learning
  • Courageous
  • Ethical
  • Determined
  • Customer Focussed
  • Transformational

Strategic and visionary

  • Innovative
  • Developer
  • Inspirational
  • Relationship builder
  • Makes it happen

Pearson Values

  • Brave
  • Imaginative
  • Decent
  • Accountable

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