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Plasterer Apprentice (funded by the Hamish Ogston Foundation)

  • Company: Historic England
  • Location: Horbury, Yorkshire
  • Closing Date: 31-07-2022


£17,211 + Benefits (40 Months)

As an apprentice Plasterer specialising in heritage skills, your work will contribute to the management of England`s unique historic environment, helping to ensure that it can be used, understood and enjoyed by a diverse range of people for generations to come.

All trainees engaged in the programme will benefit from experience of construction on a heritage site. Some of your learning will take place at Summer School in 2023, where trainees will meet each other and Historic England staff, and practice conservation as an interdisciplinary activity.

You will be working towards completion of your plastering apprenticeship over the course of 40 months. Apprenticeships are made up of 80% of your time on the job, and 20% of your time will be spent off the job, completing a training programme with a construction skills college where you will learn the foundations of your trade.

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