We are proud to partner with these forward-thinking organisations to bring wider support to both young people and teachers on our programme.


The Home Builders Federation (HBF) is the representative body of the home building industry in England and Wales. The HBF’s member firms account for some 80% of all new homes built in England and Wales in any one year, and include companies of all sizes, ranging from multi-national, household names through regionally based businesses to small local companies.

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The London Institute of Banking & Finance is the oldest training and professional body for banking and financial services in England & Wales, and works internationally with partners to establish ethical and professional standards across the sector around the world. Their focus is on lifelong learning; equipping individuals with the knowledge, skills and qualifications to achieve what they want throughout their career and life.

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Scope is a disability equality charity in England and Wales who provide practical information and emotional support when it's most needed. They campaign relentlessly to create a fairer society and partner with others including Pathway CTM to increase their reach and impact.

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Tech She Can

Tech She Can is a charity committed to changing the ratio of women in technology by inspiring girls and women to study technology subjects and pursue technology careers. Through its Tech We Can programme of free learning materials, the charity educates both boys and girls about the possibilities a future career in technology can offer so that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in the jobs of the future.

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Transform Society

Transform Society is the UK's only specialist network promoting careers in public service. They aim to increase the number and diversity of students entering front-line public-service roles and to amplify their ability to impact the individuals and communities they serve. Their aim is that these experienced professionals will go on to become leaders in public service, delivering systemic change and realising their ultimate goal of a fairer society.

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