Get Into Healthcare Science with Health Education England (NHS)

Thursday 17th March 2022

Join our incredible insight event to learn everything you need to know about healthcare science! Learn of the various routes and pathways available to you and which qualifications will get you to where you want to go! Stay tuned to witness the Q&A session where we answered some of your amazing questions!


00:00 Intro & Poll

02:21 Meet Health Education England

04:30 Science in Healthcare

09:40 The areas in Healthcare Science

10:48 Life Sciences

11:32 Physiological Sciences

12:05 Physical Sciences

12:31 Clinical Bioinformatics

13:17 Career & Training routes

14:25 How to become a Healthcare Scientist

16:00 T-Levels & Apprenticeships

17:00 PTP, ETP, STP & HSST programmes

20:15 Application Process

22:40 Q&A session

30:00 Difference between A-levels and T-Levels

30:55 Qualifications to get into Biomedical Science

31:58 Careers into sports science

33:32 Qualifications & Salaries

38:25 More info on T – levels

41:40 Other careers in healthcare

43:44 General discussion