Interested in accounting? Insight into PwC

Tuesday 6th April 2021

Discover routes into technology and accounting with PwC! We were joined by team leaders & current apprentices at PwC to discuss the various opportunities they have to offer for young people, such as, their insight events, degree apprenticeships & flying start programmes!


00:00 Intro & Poll

09:40 Meet PwC

12:24 Who are PwC?

24:00 Virtual Insight Week

26:55 Apprenticeships Available

40:55 Technology routes into PwC

43:25 Who are PwC looking for?

45:40 Technology Degree Apprenticeship

47:10 Meet an Apprentice

53:50 Routes into Accounting

57:50 Flying start Accounting programme

1:00:31 Meet an Apprentice

1:07:25 Application Process

1:08:38 Q&A