3 tips to ace assessment centre days and what to expect!

Monday 14th Feb 2022

3 tips to ace assessment centre days and what to expect!

Assessment centres can be an intimidating prospect, but they’re also an essential step in the recruitment process! If you have an assessment centre coming up, then you have reached the right place because this article will give you all the tips you need to ace the assessment centre!

Let’s get started…

Assessment centres vary depending on the company, and they may involve slightly different things. Make sure you have read all the material which has been sent to you prior to the day to ensure you have everything you need for the day.

More so, Google is your best friend! Lots of people who have attended assessment centres for a company share this post-event. So, make sure you give a quick google search before the day…or even better, check out our previous events about Assessment Centres since you can hear directly from the recruiters themselves who will explain EVERYTHING you need to know!

What does the day tend to look like?

Assessment centres are generally broken down into three different elements, each designed to test your suitability for the role you have applied for. Although each firm tend to vary slightly, the day will usually consist of three sections:

  • One on One Interview
  • Group Task
  • Psychometric Tests (Written or Mathematics-based tests)

If you have been asked to prepare something for the day, you may also have allocated time to present this.

At the start of the day, you will meet the other candidates and most likely be given a name badge. This can be daunting but remember everyone is in the same boat so we encourage you to interact with the other candidates as this will make you feel more relaxed and comfortable, but also give the recruiters an indication that you are approachable, sociable, and happy to get stuck in! The firm may also create an ice breaker activity at the start of the day to help assist you with the initial interaction.


The interview section of an assessment date is arguable the most important as this is your opportunity to showcase why you are most suited for the role. You should always make sure you have done research on the company, what their values are and any key facts which will impress the employer on how well you know the company.

During the interview, the employer will be asking you to explain and give examples of your skills, questions about your CV and why you believe you are fit for the role.

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Top tip: Make sure you have read over the job description and use your real-life examples to showcase any specific skills they have asked for on the job description.

The Group Task

 Group exercises involve collaborating with a team to complete a task that often reflects real scenarios to observe how candidates would behave in a workplace. Employers will often be looking at your ability to communicate and problem solve with your group.

While it’s good to stand out with strong ideas, you’ll be assessed on your cooperation with others. A good way to do this is by volunteering to take a role such as timekeeper and ensure that more shy members of the team have their thoughts shared. Just ensure you are contributing to the task and asking the opinion of others and you’ll be more likely to find success!

Top tip: Contribute but not dominate.

Psychometric Tests

 Although you may have already completed a psychometric test to get to the assessment centre, you may be asked to do another one as part of an individual task. These tests usually include logical, verbal reasoning and numeracy exams. Whilst there is no prior knowledge needed for these tests, you should try and practice these occasionally!

You can practice for these tests and get any tips over on our Learn page on our website.

Some final tips from Pathway CTM…

  1. First impressions count

Dress for an assessment centre like you would an interview, smart and professional. Always make sure to use eye contact and develop a firm handshake! Practice introducing yourself in front of the mirror and remember to smile!

  1. Research the company

Prior to any interview, it is always important to do research on the company. Check out their website, annual reports and see if there are any interesting facts about the company which you can take to the interview with you.

  1. Be yourself!

Finally, it is important to be yourself. There is no point going through a recruitment process trying to be somebody else. Remember that an assessment centre is not only for the recruiter, but for you to assess whether the jobs suitability is for you! Be true to what you want when career hunting.

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