Getting the most out of Pathway CTM’s resources!

Monday 13th Jun 2022

Getting the most out of Pathway CTM’s resources!

Whether you’re a student, teacher, parent, or career leader we have a huge range of free resources you can use to get the most out of Pathway CTM. From CV templates to work experience recordings – discover more about the things we do at Pathway CTM to help young people get started in their early careers.

Pathway CTM Website

On our website you will be able tPathway CTM websiteo learn all about the 50+ employers that we work for. You can read all about their industry, what roles they have open, and what they offer to young people. On our opportunities page, you will be able to see all LIVE roles which are open for young people to apply for. These range from Level 2 up to Level 7 apprenticeships as well as information on any volunteering opportunities.




Pathway CTM’s Events

 All our events are FREE for students, teachers, and parents to attend and you can sign up directly from our website. We run a range of events including Work Experience Days, Insight Events, Ask Me Anything sessions, Influencer events, Skills Sessions, and Application Clinics. Almost all our events are in partnership with top global brands so this gives a great opportunity for attendees to network with employers and current apprentices in the industry.


Video Library

We understand everyone’s schedules can sometimes be super busy, which is why we have a place on our website where you can catch up on past events that you may have missed! On our video library you can find out more about brands in your chosen industry sectors, learn employability skills and hear top tips on scoring your dream job, directly from employers! All our videos have time stamps, which means if you are in a rush, you can skip to the parts which you want to learn more about. This feature is incredibly useful for teachers who want to stream to their class or play short informative videos during form time. You can also re-watch work experience days on catch up and complete the tasks at your own pace and qualify for a Pathway CTM certificate!


Pathway CTM’s Resources

We want to make sure that as many people are aware of the alternative options school leavers have when leaving school. That’s why we have put together free online courses which anyone can enrol to learn more about the range of qualifications and options you have. You can also take a test to see what route is best for you based on the type of learner you are. One of the sessions allows students to complete a ‘Strengths Profile’ so that they can identify their own strengths and how they could link to a course or apprenticeship role. Completing a strengths profile is also beneficial when it comes to interviews and assessment centres as the test will help reveal what your key strengths are allowing you to explain where and why you would work best in a particular sector or company.

 Developing your Personal Brand

 Creating your personal brand is essential when applying for jobs to help you stand out from the crowd. As well as attending our events, or catching up using our video library, we have provided you with downloadable templates for a CV and Cover Letter, two essential resources you will need to help you in the application process. When completing this module, you’ll get tips from industry professionals!

Having a good CV and Cover Letter is important but being searchable and building a network is crucial especially in the digital age. Creating your own LinkedIn profile will mean you can easily be found by recruiters or potential employers and gives you a platform for you to share your achievements.

Why not start learning now and make us your first LinkedIn connection!

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