Careers in Mental Health Services with Mid & South Essex Integrated Care System

Tuesday 1st August 2023

Are you interested in a career within mental health?

Then watch this video and learn more about what it is like to work for mental health services in Mid & South Essex. During the video you will be given an overview into the different jobs you could undertake and the different departments that make up the service. You will also get to meet professionals in the field and get all your questions answered in the Q&A.

But who are Mid & South Essex Integrated Care System?

They are a partnership of primary care, hospital, social care, mental health, community health and voluntary services and they provide health and care to 1.2 million residents across Mid & South Essex.

Their 4 key aims are to: 

  • Improve outcomes in population health & healthcare.
  • Tackle inequalities in outcomes, experience, & access.
  • Enhance productivity and value for money.
  • Support broader social and economic development.